Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Don't Be Fooled by Picture-Perfect Promises: Managing Expectations for Your Next Vacation

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or resort and thought, "This isn't what it looked like on the internet?" You are correct, it probably didn't look like it does in pictures. People aren't the only ones who touch up photos of themselves. Resorts, cruise lines, tourist boards, etc can touch up photos to make what they are selling look more appealing.

The water may look a little bluer, the sand may appear a little lighter in color, they may use filters that throw off the true color of a room, and they may crop out areas that seem too crowded, not updated, or not part of the property (or whatever they are advertising). Even the view from your room probably isn't going to be the exact view you see online. For instance, at some resorts an 'Ocean View' room could be a very slight view of the ocean between two trees or if you lean out over your balcony. Ocean/Beach front may not actually have a view of the ocean or beach, especially if you are located on a ground or lower floor. Your room location may be oceanfront or beachfront, but the view might be of shrubbery or trees.
Weather and currents can cause water to look a bit murkier or to have more sargassum. It can change from day to day and can even look different within neighboring resorts. A room may have been redecorated or remodeled since the last photos were taken, so it may not look anything like what you saw when you booked it.
This is why it's important to have realistic expectations when you travel. You probably won't have a 'picture perfect' vacation 100% of the time you are on your trip so don't let a slight change in appearance ruin the rest of your stay. Have realistic expectations and go with the flow on minor issues. Obviously, major changes are a completely different issue altogether.
Working with a Travel Professional can help you work out the details and set appropriate expectations for your trip. When you're ready to book your next vacation, I'm here to help.

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